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Selecting the right grinder to complement your espresso machine is an important and integral part of your business. There are many cheap imitations on the market but the key factors are daily output and speed output these quick step guides will guide you towards choosing the correct grinders.

Standard Grinder

These type grinders grind off the coffee and store the grounds into a dosing chamber, which is then dispensed into the Porta-filter (Group Head Basket) when and as needed, controlled by a pull lever located on the chamber.

 This type grinder is perfect for fast moving coffee supply as you can grind as much as you like, and in an instant dispenses a double or single shot instantly (two pulls for a double shot). 

The down side to these grinders is the coffee will not hold its flavour and freshness if left for long periods of time. Each evening or after service, fresh grinding will be needed to maintain a high level of coffee extraction and taste. Wastage will occur using a standard grinder.

On Demand Grinder

These types of grinders are perfect for freshness. They dispense a fresh pure tasting coffee with each extraction. On demand grinders work by a push button system or a touch panel system depending on machine brand, which is electronically programmed to dispense a precise measurement shot per espresso. Using this type grinder will provide consistency, low wastage and fresh tasting coffee. 

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