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Espresso Machine Boiler Inspections

Espresso Machine Boiler Inspections

Espresso Machine Boiler Inspection

Are you breaking the law? did you realise that your espresso machine regardless of it's operating pressure is covered by legislation that states as an employer you have a duty to provide a safe workplace and safe equipment.

The Regulations

Your espresso machine contains a pressurised vessel that is subect to the Pressure System Regulations (2000) and must have a pressure vessel and the associated safety systems tested once every 12 months by a qualified engineer. 

The PSSE (2000) reduce the risk of catastrophic failure of a pressure system.  Even a small espresso machine has the potential to cause property damage, injury or even death.  The duty holder is responsible for ensuring compliance and may be personally liable for damage claims.

What we can provide

Bewleys Coffeeman are able to offer a full solution in order for you to meet and maintain current legal requirements that cover your espresso machine.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or enquire on the cost please call 01273 491491.

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