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Canderel Sweetener sticks. (1000 per box)

Canderel Sweetener sticks. (1000 per box)

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 Canderel Sweetener sticks (1000's) are specifically formulated to complement hot beverages. The Canderel Sweetener comes in a small sealed stick perfect for use in hotels, restaurants and cafes, even great for use in mobile units.

Each Canderel Sweetener stick has the sweetening power of approximately 2 teaspoons of normal sugar. The additional bonus of using the Canderel Sweetener sticks are the health benefits that they provide.

10 times less calories than that of a normal sugar.

  Quantity per stick (1g) Quantity per 100g
Energy Value  15KJ 1520KJ
Protein <0.1g 1.5g
Carbohydrates  <1g 89g
Fat <0.01g <0.1g
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