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Marco T10 Hot water boiler

Marco T10 Hot water boiler

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The Marco Hot water boiler systems are a set of dynamic solutions for all Hot water boilers. Dedicated to providing the best care and knowledge for their customers, this has enabled Marco to provide a high durable T10 Hot water boiler. The Marco T10 Hot water boiler works by a tap system. The Marco T10 Hot water boiler has a larger draw off water capacity of 10Litres.

Ideal for all catering locations - hotels,restaurants and restaurant kitchens, coffee shops and canteens.


  1. Energy efficient water boiler
  2. 4 models with 5L to 30L capacity
  3. Compact footprint
  4. Plumbed into mains supply
  5. Manual fill variants available
  6. Excellent value for money
  7. Easy to descale and service
  8. Electronic control
  9. Made with over 95% recyclable material.
Machine Specifications

Ecoboiler T10  Immediate draw off 10Ltr Output per hour 28Ltr Cups per hour 156 Dimensions
Plumbing requirements

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