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NEW:Bravilor B5 HW-5

NEW:Bravilor B5 HW-5

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With virtually the same characteristics as The Bravilor B5 HW, the Bravilor B5 HW-5 is a round filtering machine with connection for mains water supply. For the direct brewing into removable containers and fitted with a LCD control panel, de-scaling system, total and daily counters, coffee ready signal, built in clock and opium safety mechanisms. Complete with one brewing system, two 5 Litre filters and base and drip tray. 

Holding capacity for coffee 10 Litres Dimensions (wxdxh) 790x570x799 mm
Holding capacity for hot water 3 litres  Water supply Yes
Throughput per hour for coffee 30 litres (240 cups)  Preference switch
Throughput per hour for water 50 litres  Brewing time 10 mins / 5 litres

                                                         (Preference switch rated power see across)
Rated power 230V~50/60Hz 5200W
Rated power 230V~50/60Hz 3000W
Rated power 400V 3N~ 50/60Hz 5330W 

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