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Espresso Machine Service and Repair

Espresso Machine Service and Repair

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Espresso Machine Service and Repair

Bewleys Coffeeman (Sussex) are experienced, insured and fully equipped to repair and or service even the most neglected machines.  We are can repair most commercial espresso machine, though we are sorry to inform we do any domestic espresso machines.

Our enthusiastic specialized engineers are available from 8am- 5pm Monday to Friday.  Our fleet of vehicles cover, London, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and East and west Sussex. We have our workshop at our offices & warehousing facility in Woodmancote (near to Gatwick Airport.)

We also have access to a network of engineers around the UK to cover your area and will repair most makes of machine.

Coffee Machine and Grinder Repairs

Our target is to have your machine repaired and operational for you as soon as possible, minimising your coffee machine lost time and thus, allowing you to continue business as normal. Also our aim is to respond to call-outs within twenty-four hours of your request, though this can vary depending on workload, your location (and priority is given to our existing coffee customers.)

As we carry most spare parts on our vans we aim to fix your equipment on site. However, should we be unable to repair your machine on site, we can bring it to our workshop, and if required a replacement machine can be installed (free of charge) to allow you to continue trading. (Loan machines are subject to availability).

If you would be interested in a maintenance agreement to cover your equipment should it go wrong then please give us a call and we can discuss the options with.

Also Boiler inspections and pressure test reports (HSE pressure vessels act) are a legal obligation; we can also do these for you too, please call us for costs.

Grinder blades should be replaced (depending on usage) every two years or even after every 100 boxes of coffee used.  This will ensure your coffee is ground properly and produces the optimum cup of coffee.

Call Out Charges

Call out charges for existing customers buying coffee: we offer a very favourable call out charge of £75.00 plus VAT includes first ½ hours work.

For new customers within Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and East and West Sussex, our Call out charge is £85.00 + Vat includes the first ½ hours work, and for the London area our call out charge is £95.00 plus VAT includes the first ½ hours work.  Our engineer’s will endeavour to complete their work in that ½ hour, though if exceeded the time will be charged at a rate of £25.00 per 30 minutes.

Please note machine services; on a one or two group should take no longer than 1/2 an hour.

Customers who purchase their coffee and consumables from us will always be prioritised for call outs.

Parts are always charged separately and are very competitively priced.

Cleaning Your Coffee Machine

To ensure that you produce a consistently good cup of coffee and to prolong the life of your machine you need to do daily cleaning. We can supply everything you need to keep your machine immaculate, sparkling and hygienic (sanitized.) See 'Ancillary' for our range of cleaning products.


We would suggest that your machine should be back flushed daily and having a well thought out, systematic cleaning plan will save you high cost repairs or having to replace your equipment.

Water softeners / CTU’s (Calcium Treatment Units), also known as water filters are an important part for your machine.  As espresso is mainly water, it makes sense to make ensure that the water you use is as good quality as achievable. A water softener is designed to remove calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate additional metals and chemicals from your water supply.  Our water softeners can be fitted with an optional flow meter so that you know exactly when to change the cartridge otherwise it is suggested to regenerate the CTU every 9 to 12 months, depending on harness of water and volume of water used approx. 600Litres. Water softeners avoid lime scale build up in your coffee machine that can lead to clogging of the valves and scale build up in the boiler – so this not only improves the taste, texture and scent of your water supply you are also preventing costly repairs and call-outs to fix your machine due to lime scale.

Warranties for many coffee machines are voided if the water supply is not treated; the lifetime of your coffee machine will be prolonged if you invest in a water softener (CTU); please give us a call it you would like to discuss your options.


Familiar brands repaired

La Spaziale

La Cimbali












Should your machine not be mentioned, please give us a call as we have not listed every brand.

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